Could Dermaroller Possibly be Making My Scar Worse?

I've tried 2 times dermaroller process in beauty clinic with doctor. But why do I feel my scars is getting worse? Is there any risks or experience before that dermaroller making scars worse? thank you

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Micro-needling for scar treatment

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The results of most procedures are significantly influenced by the expertise of the person doing the treatment. In the right hands, medical micro-needling is an excellent procedure for improving the appearance of most scars. In my office we use the ProCell Therapies micro-needling machine for a more even pattern of needle penetration in the skin. We also apply growth factor serums derived from human stem cells to further enhance the results. For the best results it typically takes a series of treatments, each one month apart, and then a waiting time of several months for the full effect.

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Dermaroller and derma-stamp in scar treatment

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Dermaroller can be used for scar treatment, but Derma-stamp can be a more precise microneedling device to treat scarring - after acne, hypertrophic or atrophic. In my experience depth of needles should be a specific for scar tissue remodelling. Use of Retinol containing preparations also enhances scar reorganization. If you feel your scars are getting worse just ask you physician for revision of your treatment protocol.

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