Should a Dentist Be Present During a 6 Week Invisalign Check Up?

At my six week appointments, a technician gives me my new trays but the dentist doesn't check my progress. I think I am being billed for a visit with the dentist. Is this normal?

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Dentist present during 6 week invisalign checkup

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In my office my assistants normally give the patients the new trays and I take a look to ask the patients if they are having any problems with the way the case is going.  I will check to make sure the new trays are fitting correctly.  In some offices the dentist may check every other appointment. Not something I would worry about



Philadelphia Dentist
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A Dentist Should be on the Premises

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The interesting thing with Invisalign is a lot of the work is done behind the scenes in planning the computerized treatment plan, so there might not be a whole lot he might do at the check-up appointments if everything is tracking well.

Every state has different laws regarding treatment, so to say that he legally has to look at the aligners might be a bit extreme, but even if the assistant is well trained by your dentist to evaluate the fit of aligners your dentist still should at least come by and show his/her face. In the end it is his/her responsibility to make sure you get the result you paid for and not the assistants' responsibility.

I can't really comment on Arkansas' dental practice laws; however, If you feel most comfortable with your dentist checking your progress, just voice your concerns and I'm sure your dentist would be happy to evaluate how the trays are tracking.

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

A dentist should and legally must be present to check on your invisalign progress

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Legally, the dentist is responsible for the correct fit and tthe correct progress being achieved by your new aligners. The technician can spend most of the time at the visit with you, but the dentist should look in your mouth and OK the progress.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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