Can I Get a Root Canal if I Wear Invisalign?

Can i have it done while having Invisalign treatment? one of my front teeth is discolored and they said i need it done in order to fix the color.

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Rootcanal treatment and invisalign

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The answer is yes, you can have a root canal and be in active invisalign treatment. However if you are actively getting a new tray you may want to hold off on getting a new tray soon after the treatment. The teeth can be tender or brusied after the nerve is treated and having a new tray that is putting active pressure could be painful. So if the nerve dies you have no option but to treat the tooth or risk major infections but maybe delay the succession of getting the next tray for a week.

Wichita Dentist

Root canal and clear braces

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Yes.  Having a root canal will not affect the fit of your aligners. If the shape of your tooth changes, then you need new impression to have a good fit with the aligbers

Pamela Marzban, DDS
Fairfax Dentist

Invisalign won't affect root canal therapy

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One of the great things about removable appliances is they allow access for other purposes.  Root canal therapy is done by accessing the middle of the tooth from the top or back of the tooth.  This won't affect the shape of the tooth, so the Invisalign aligners will still fit.

Root Canal Can be Done During Invisalign

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The answer is yes! Root Canal Treatment can easily be performed while a patient is being treated with Invisalign aligners. Often times the prep work to gain access to the nerve or pulp will have no impact as to how the aligners fit around the outer dimensions of the tooth. Proper caries detection and thorough examination should always take place before Invisalign or any other type of Orthodontic treatment begins. This type of pretreatment should prevent caries from becoming undetected and advancing to allow for predictable Invisalign outcomes!


Howard Perlmutter, DMD
Paramus Dentist

A Root Canal can be performed while wearing Invisalign

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A Root Canal can be performed while wearing Invisalign as long as there is no change of shape in the tooth involved.  That is because the aligners fit tight to the teeth and will be affected by any change in the anatomy of the tooth. This also applies to any dental work during your aligner wear.  Your dentist should be able to evaluate your situation before the RCT is performed and give you assurance that there will be no effect by having a Root Canal.

Root Canal

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Hi Toronto

Yes you can get root canal treatment during invisalign treatment. 

Just let your endodontist know so he/she can make sure the aligner fit wont be affected.

Good luck!

Dr. Alper


Steve Alper, DMD
New York Dentist

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