What Manufacturer is the Best for Dental Implants?

Is one manufacturer best than others when considering the type of 'post' for an implant procedure - i.e. OCO, Novel, 3i Biomet - I'm looking to replace a full mouth of dentures (upper/lower) but am unclear on how to research which type of titanium post is the best - I am 55 & dentures for over a year - is the only way to tell if I need bone graph thru a panoramic xray? what about immediate load vs. multi step procedure? Since my gums have had a year to heal would I be a candidate for implants?

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Best dental implant

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All titanium implants used in the USA are good implants no matter who makes them. They all have to meet the same FDA requirements. Only difference is design and picking the right implant for the case. A grade 5 bolt from Lowes is the same as a grade 5 bolt from Home Depot. The real importance is using all the technology available and the proper planning and placing of the implants.

Louisville Dentist

It depends on situation

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Different manufacturers make very different implants for various clinical conditions.  Some are short and fat to go in bone near a sinus.  Some are narrow to fit between front teeth.  Some integrate very quickly.  Some can be loaded immediately.  All implants sold in the US are good.  Some better than others in certain situations.

Best brand of dental implants

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If you are looking for the "best" implant on the market you are going to be hard set in finding a winner. I would look for how long the company has been around (not good to have a ton of implants and then 10 years later realize the company is bankrupt and not making parts any more) You also want to see what grade of titanium is being used. grade 1 is the best but sometimes hard to find that info. I think that the big ones biohorizons, nobel, strauman, astra and 3i are all solid choices. 

The ability to see all bony structures with a head and neck CT is the gold standard for diagnosis hands down!

The multi step procedure for implants vs the immediate load depend on bone stability and force required to insert the implant and if you have multiple implants across the arch to help stabilize each other

J. Willis Baker, DDS
Wichita Dentist

Who is the best implant manufacturer?

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This is a very good question.  There are over two hundred manufacturers of dental implants.  Usually each comes with its own proprietary screw driver meaning the screw driver from one system will not fit another.  The final tightening of the implant screw is done with a torque wrench, and of course each system has its own torque wrench and it only fits that system's screw driver.  Torque wrenches cost around $500 and screw drivers cost about $50.  I personally own wrenches and screw drivers for seven different systems.  I feel that there is very little difference in each system, but if a patient comes to my office with an implant already placed, my first question is about what system was used.  If I don't have the instruments, I will probably not help that person.  My personal favorite implant is Straumann SLActive, but I have successfully used a half dozen other systems including Nobel, Zimmer, Biohorizon, 3I, Thommens, Biomet and Astra.  They all work pretty much the same way.  Straumann has a surface that appears to attract bone a little better than the others which is why I prefer it.  My advice is to find a dentist whom you trust and ask him what system he is most familiar with.

Neal Nealis, DDS
Chicago Dentist

Best Implant Manufacturers

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The real important question is how to gain the highest level of success in your mouth.  All the implants on the market today behave roughly in the same manner, they all integrate with bone, they all have connections to abutments and crowns with small screws.  They all have the risk of developing peri-implant disease.  They are all some grade of titanium but non are pure titanium as they all contain impurities. 
Really the factor that influences success is the surgeon placing the implants.
We have had tremendous success in our clinic with placing Ceramic Implants these are non metalic implants that seem to solve many problems that the other implants have not been able to solve yet.
Good Luck

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Best Dental Implants For a Denture Wearer.

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There are several dental implant manufacturers that are excellent.  The big names are Nobel, Biohorizons, Bicon, Straumann, Biomet 3i, Astra,Zimmer, etc.There are hundreds of "knock off" manufacturers as well.  The key is to use implants that are guaranteed and have good research.  The small companies often do not.  There is a reason certain dental implants are cheap.  There is a reason doctors that offer "cheap" or "discount" implants are doing so.  The best step is to see a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon to guide you through the process

Brian Dorfman, MD, DMD
Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Best dental implant manufacturer

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Good question. There are hundreds of dental implant manufacturers out there. The most established companies are 30 years old and are accessible with replacement parts and good representarion in the marketplace. Straumann and Nobel Biocare are the most established, followed by 3i, BioHorizons and Implant Direct. As for immediate versus delayed loading, that depends on the outcome of a thorough clinical examination performed by your dentist or specialist as well as a 3D CAT scan which will reveal how much bone you have. A year post extraction should be sufficient time for jaw healing to progress to implant treatment. 

Herbert Veisman, DDS
Toronto Periodontist

Major implant manufacturers all have good products

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I think at this point the major implant manufacturers all have good products and get good results. I like Astratech, Zimmer and Straumann. Seeing an oral surgeon and getting a cone beam CT would be a good first step to see if you are ready for implants.

Paul D. Kantor, DDS
Cleveland Dentist

Dental implant companies and "best" dental implant

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The topic about implant manufacturers is very straight forward but however is extremely sensitive. Nowadays there are more than 150 different companies producing dental implants, those which have been on the market for 20+ years and the really young ones. The secrets of titanium alloy used for implants was released long time ago. And basically the type of alloy used for implants is the same in every company, but the major differences include: the type of the production, quality of implant surfaces, biocompatibility of this surface with bone and soft tissue, biomechanical behavior of implant components, and the most important factor - long-term research. There are 3 strongest companies in the world: Straumann, Astra, Nobel Biocare. These companies invested millions of dollars in their research for decades and became the most published, safe and predictable. The rest of implant producers are not bad as well, but the personal preferences for any experienced implant surgeon will stay with the company who is able to give best product support and predictable results.

In any case with multiple implants CT scan (CBCT) has become the standard of care and is an important step in treatment planning, identifying the underlying anatomy of the alveolar ridge as well as any hidden pathology. In situations when patient has current dentures there are different ways to convert them into fixed prosthesis. Current techniques recommend 4-7 implants per arch, depending upon the amount of bone tissue remaining and type of final prosthesis. Immediate load of the denture and attaching it to the implants at the time of surgery is very popular and predictable method of treatment. Popular technique All-On-4 is helpful in the situation when the bone is extremely deficient and any augmentation procedures will be unpredictable. You need to discover different treatment options and get a consult with a specialist . 

Which implant companies are trusted?

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I use Zimmer primarily, but also have 3i and nobel. All three companies are well respected, have great products, and lots of research and literature behind them. I do have concerns about some implant companies that do not have a lot of studies behind them and they market themselves as the cheaper (discount) option! These include implantdirect and osstem. I also have concerns about Bicon and their long term success and aesthetic results.

It's best to discuss this with an oral surgeon or periodontist as they are the only specialists that have great experience and knowledge.

H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD
Bethesda Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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