Options For Dental Crown Not Fitting and Odor From Gum line?

Hi, I have a dental crown and a bad smell is coming from the gumline around the crown. When I rub the crown with my finger I found out that the crown is not fitting properly.It is smaller that the tooth below it, so I can easily touch the tooth edges.The doctor tried to make new crown but the problem persist,the tooth is too much under the gumline, so the impression is never the right one. Please, tell me what should I do next? The doctor offer me to polich the edges. Is it the only way?

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Gum irritation from poorly fitting crown

A great fitting Crown can only result from an accurate and detailed Impression. From your clinical description it sounds like you would benefit from some type of gingival ir Gum Recontouring procedure. Such a procedure by way of soft tissue laser or by conventional means would allow for an accurate impression and a well fitting and COMFORTABLE Crown! The odor that you describe comes from to a great degree from the Dental Cement washing out or becoming contaminated from persistant bacterial invasion simply due to the Crown fitting poorly around the tooth. A Healthy Gum or Gingival environment will facilitate agood impression as well as a successful and clean cementation of your new Crown. Good Luck!

Dental Crown Problems

Hi Sasie,

If you can feel the junction between the crown and tooth with your fingers, then it certainly does not fit properly.  Any crown not fitting the tooth should be replaced asap with a new, excellent fitting crown.  The dental lab is responsible for making crowns that fit great...but the dentist is responsible for choosing the best labs and monitoring their work.  Ultimately any crown placed should fit excellently before being bonded on.

The odor could be from the crown, or other issues related to your gum health, or both.  A complete periodontal exam can rule out other issues besides the ill-fitting crown.  For crown edges that are below the gumline, a laser is the best and most precise way to gently trim excess gum tissue so the dentist can get a great impression.  Really deep areas may require more significant reduction by a periodontist, but most cases can be handled easily with the laser

Best wishes with your situation!

Dr. Chris Bowman

Chris Bowman, DDS
Charlotte Dentist

Poorly Fitting Crown

If your crown is not fitting properly then it should be removed and you should be fitted for a new one.  It sounds as though your gum tissues are inflamed from the crown and most likely the gums are bleeding during the impression.  This will cause an inaccurate impression leading to the poorly fitting crown.  Prior to the impression a soft tissue laser can be used to slightly remove some tissue keeping the margins slightly above the gum line.  It will also stop the gums from bleeding during the impression.  This should give you a perfect fit for your new crown.  Good luck.  

Scott Young, DDS
Houston Dentist
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Poor Crown

I am sorry to hear of your dilemma.  It seems to me that there is a problem with the impression and or the lab.  I would suggest you get a couple of second opinions.  Your situation may be more complicated and require crown lenghtening or even an implant.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Crown not fitting properly

The crown may feel funny to your finger and still fit fine.  If the edges are sealed from decay it may be fitting great. Many factors go into a good fitting crown.  The contour of the crown may be wrong for your gums to be kept clean, it may be bulky causing food and plaque to be trapped or your old filling in the tooth could have been so far below the gum line it was difficult to get a good impression.  A great restoration begins with a perfect impression and them a great lab to make the crown.  What about a second opinion?

Kathy Frazar, DDS, FAGD
Houston Dentist
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