Is Dental Bonding Right for Me? Is my Gap Too Big to Make the Bonding Look Natural? (photo)

I have a lot of gaps. I wanted to see about getting the front 6 bonded. But i hear that if your gap is too big, it wont look that true? I really want this done. Thanks

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Bonding for the gap in between front teeth

You are right, gap between your front two teeth is too large for the bonding to look natural. Bonding will make your teeth appear more `wider' then `longer' -quite opposite to what you want to see. 

Pictures you have posted do not show full arch, (Invisalign-not sure if it will work) or braces will be the best choice to close these gaps. I suggest you work with a cosmetic dentist who can also work with a good orthodontist to make this work. 


Fremont Dentist

Dental Bonding for Large Gap

The gap between your front 2 teeth is probably too wide for standard bonding. It might be treatable with Porcelain Veneers on at least 8-10 upper teeth. A better suggestion would be to have Invisalign or orthodontics first, and then bonding/Veneers to complete the space closures.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

How Large of a Gap Can Be Acceptably Closed with Dental Bonding?

The shape of a natural looking front teeth is such that the tooth is longer than it is wide (rectangular), and more specifically the most acceptable shape is that the width of the tooth is about 80% of the length of the tooth.  Looking at the photo you posted, if the dentist filled the space with composite bonding alone of the two front teeth the width of your two front teeth would be way too wide.  You would look like some of the actors in Jim Kerry's "the grinch who stole Christmas".

However, there is a solution, but it involved doing porcelain veneers.  Your cosmetic dentist can do porcelain veneers on your four incisors, making each of them wider and still with the optimal proportion of rectangular teeth, so that the end result is four incisors that are still narrower than they are long.

If you want to "preview" how this would look before hand, your dentist can have his lab to two cosmetic mock ups on models of your teeth.  One can be done just doing bonding on the front two teeth, and the other can be done to demonstrate how your teeth would look with four porcelain veneers.  Once you see the difference I'm sure you will prefer the appearance of the four porcelain veneer treatment.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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