Have Decalcification After Braces, Was It Okay to Have Cosmetic Bonding Done?

I Had Decacification from when I Has Braces Was It a Good Thing I Got Cosmetic Bonding Done

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Treatment of Decalcification (white marks) After Braces

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Decalcification (white marks) are the first stage of dental decay.  The normal tooth color of the enamel turns white with the loss of calcium.  This is seen quite often with patients (usually children) who have braces, but demonstrate poor oral hygiene.

If these decalcification spots are small and very shallow, and now you have good oral hygiene, then the slight decay process may arrest itself, recalcify to some extent, and not cause any problems.  However, that is not guaranteed.  More than likely the decalcification will eventually get worse, turning the white into brown as the dental decay gets deeper and wider.

Having the decalcification removed and restored with composite bonding was the most responsible course of treatment.

Laguna Niguel Dentist

Cosmetic Bonding

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Murray Bruckel, DDS
Norwalk Dentist

Bonding for Decalcification from Orthodontic Treatment

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Cosmetic bonding is an excellent and conservative to solution from unsightly decalcification as a result of orthodontic brackets.  It is also excellent for areas of recession as well.

Decalcification after Braces

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It is hard to answer your question without seeing the before and after photos. Bonding can be a very effective cosmetically when done skillfully. Bonding is conservative in removing tooth structure and can be replaced easily if it chips and stains later. It is important to have it checked regularly because if it begins to stain the tooth can decay underneath just as it can happen under leaky fillings.

Ana Brightleaf, DMD
Santa Monica Dentist

Calcification and bonding

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Its fine if you like it and it was done well.

there are many methods of correcting thus issue and that is one of them.

you'll need regular upkeep because bonding is plastic. Plastic loses its shine and smoothness and stains more than ceramic. Its much more affordable thiugh and that is why it is primarily used.

Mark J. Amidei, DDS
Chicago Dentist

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