Same-day Bruising Following Tear Trough Filler?

I'm 25, booked in to have Juvaderm placed in my tear troughs on Monday (2pm) however I have just been invited to attend something that evening at 6pm and am not sure what to do. I'm wondering if I should expect to have noticeable bruising/swelling within four hours of getting the filler (that can't be covered with makeup), or if it should be okay until the following day?

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Bruising is Common After Tear Trough Treatment

FIllers work wonderfully to rejuvenate the tear troughs but bruising is common.  Bruising tends to be at its worst about 3 days after a treatment.  However, a bruise can show up almost immediately.  The best bet with treating the tear troughs with fillers, make sure your schedule is clear for a week of any activities that could be ruined by a bruised eye.

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Avoid Bruising the easy Way!

The best way to minimize bruising - especially for sensitive areas like lips or under the eyes, is to avoid medications such as aspirin, Ibuprofen ( Motrin and Advil) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as Alleve or Naprosyn that might be taken for sports injuries . Other culprits of bleeding and bruising tendencies are green tea, flax seed oil, Omega -3s and alcohol or caffeine intake the day before your treatment and to avoid the such offenders for 4-5 days after treatment.

Arnica oral tablets are an easy remedy to reduce the degree and length of time of bruising and can be taken 3 -5 days following the treatment.

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Juvederm recovery

You will probably experience some degree of swelling right after your treatment as well as bruising. To be on the safe side, it's probably better to reschedule your injection. Allow about a week or so.

Tear trough bruising post filler

While bruising is not uncommon after tear trough filler injections, there are a few things you can do to help prevent it from being as extensive.  Avoid taking any anti inflammatory medications (such as aspirin or Advil) for two weeks prior to your treatment as those medications make bruising much more likely.  In addition, you can apply ice immediately before and after the treatment to help decrease blood flow to the area.  Finally, avoid doing strenuous exercise following your injections to decrease the risk of bleeding and bruising.  In general, don't have any vital social function planned a few days after filler (let alone the same day). 

Same day Bruising Following Tear Trough Filler?

Although fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are a great option for tear toughs, it is very common for bruising and swelling to occur. I advise to plan accordingly so you wont have to cancel any of your plans. 

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How long should I get fillers before an event?

If you have never had an injection before, I would not recommend planning any special activity for a least one week.  With any injection you can have swelling and or bruising and since the tear trough area is thin skinned it has a tendency to bruise.  I recommend avoiding  anti-inflammatories to my patients 1 week prior to the injection as this will help with the bruising. It is important to choose an injector with extensive experience with injections in order to achieve the most natural result possible.

Bruising and Swelling Normal with Dermal Fillers

It is normal to have some swelling and possible bruising within 4 hours of having your dermal filler treatment.  Therefore, I would not recommend planning an evening event if you are worried about potential bruising or swelling.

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How long should I get fillers before an event

I don't recommend people schedule an important event within a few days of a filler procedure. When something really important like a wedding or reunion is coming up, I don't recommend anything happen with fillers or Botox for 3 weeks beforehand. The last thing you want is funky photos because of bruises or swelling. Any time the skin is being injected with a needle, you can get bruising or swelling. And with Juvederm, swelling tends to be a bit worse than with other fillers because it pulls water to itself drastically at the beginning. So, best bet, enjoy your event, and get the filler a different day.

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Same day bruising following tear trough filler

The degree of bruising and swelling following filler injection can vary, and may depend on the following:

1) Technique used by the injector
2) Amount of filler placed
3) The patient him or herself, and their individual tendency to bruise
4) Whether or not there were any NSAIDS, vitamin E, fish oil, or other herbal supplements taken prior to the injections

The skin around the tear trough is very thin, and this area has a natural tendency to show bruising. Use of a blunt cannula instead of a regular needle can minimize bruising, but there is still really no way to predict exactly how you may respond. With that being said, I would recommend waiting until you have a window of time where you don't have to be present at an event the same evening. If you do experience bruising, it can likely be covered with makeup, but may still be noticeable. Bruising may appear slightly worse the following day. I hope this helps, and good luck!

Bruising after Juvederm or any other filler

It will go away if it is a bruise. I always tell my patients to not get any cosmetic procedures before important social or professional events, in case such bruising occurs. Rest assured, it will go away in a week to 10 days.

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