Please help me, brow lift made my right eye smaller! Any suggestions?

Hi. I did a browlift a week ago. Now when most of the swelling are gone, I see that my eyes look really diffrent from each other. It looks to me that my lower eyelid on my right eye is stretched to much outwards, so my eye appears much smaller and narrower than my other eye. What did og wrong? Iis this normal? Could this be caused by a nerve damage? I am so afraid, dont know what to do. I have tryed to call my surgeon, but there is no answer. Pleace help me :(

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Early days yet

So if your surgery was only a few days ago, asymmetry due to swelling is normal. It is unlikely that nerve damage is the problem, more like an uneven degree of pull. Certainly you wont have an idea of your final result for a few weeks yet but of course if you have concerns contact your surgeon and ask what might have gone on.Certainly noone would revise an operation so soon after it was done until everything had time to settle. I would suggest 6 weeks as a very minimum.Hope that helps.Adam Goodwin

Brow Lift Results

Often times swelling can last several weeks after a brow lift and the final result may take a few months to show it self. Sometimes you can have edema that can take many weeks to resolve that may cause your eyes to look different.  The type of brow lift performed and amount of dissection done during your surgery will also impact the amount of swelling.  Take care,  Dr. Sajan

Javad Sajan, MD
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