Fillers for forehead augmentation? (Photos)

I have those "bony horns" on my forhead from frontal bossing, or something with the contour of the bone. As you can see, in some photos depending on the lighting/ angle it looks relatively fine, and then in other lighting it is very prominent and I have shadows from depressions on the side of my frontal bone where the "horns are"... making it look worse and as if it sticks out. Can fillers help this? I put dots in some of the pics to show the depressed areas thst could maybe use some.

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Forehead fillers

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Fillers in the hands of expert injecter may help to mask the "bony horns". Filling the depressions will eliminate the shadow effect and will make it look smoother. I will also recommend to use longer lasting fillers like Voluma.

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Hi there, for clients with hollowness and bumps in the temple area a collagen stimulator like Sculptra can help smooth out those areas. Fillers would probably not go a long way in this area because of how much volume you'd have to fill. 1ml of Voluma for example which is a filler that lasts up to 2 years would probably not be enough, but Sculptra would give you more results.

Justin Harper, MD
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Fillers for Forehead augmentation.

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Hello HealthInfo101, thank you for bringing up this interesting topic. The forehead bony prominence creating shadows underneath can certainly be contoured with fillers to make it appear smooth. The technique of camouflaging those forehead bumps requires vertical placement of small amounts of (.05cc)  fillers right on the bone avoiding the vascular zone. The forehead fillers placement is not routinely done by most injectors, you have to find an experienced physician/surgeon who can help you. 

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Forehead Fillers are appropriate

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Treatment of forehead volume loss with facial fillers is appropriate in a situation like yours. A smooth convex forehead is aesthetically pleasing.  I learned an excellent technique for forehead rejuvenation from Canadian plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Swift over a year ago and have utilized this method regularly with great results.

The technique involves using an HA filler mixed together in a 50/50 blend with 1 percent lidocaine. I typically would use either Restylane Silk, Belotero, or Juvederm Ultra for forehead augmentation.  The blended product is then back-filled into a 0.5 ml insulin type syringe.  This leaves this small caliber needle untouched so that serial puncture into the mid-forehead is less painful (the lidocaine helps as well).  The filler is injected through the frontalis muscle and deposited on the periosteum to safely avoid vascular structures.   

The treatment area is tailored to individual regions of volume loss. In your case, this would be around and beneath the “bony horns” that you have noticed.  The goal would be to feather in around these areas of prominence and create a softer, more youthful appearing forehead.

I hope that this information helps and best of luck to you!

Bones on Scull

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It appears from the photos that these bumps are part of your skull and fillers will not affect the appearance in this area.  Best, Dr. Green

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