Does Thermismooth for the eyes cause dry eye?

Dose Thermismooth cause dry eye? It seems my dry eye condition is worse after 1 treatment. I currently use restasis for the condition.

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Does ThermiSmooth around the eyes cause dry eye?

We currently perform a number of these treatments on a weekly basis and have not seen any patients with dry eye.  However, with any procedure that effectively opens the aperture of the eye more (by tightening lid skin), there is a potential for increasing pre-existing dry eye simply because the eye is more open.  

I would also recommend seeing an ophthalmologist if this persists.  I hope that helps!

Can Thermismooth damage your eye?

I'm sorry you are experiencing this. In my opinion, I do not think that the ThermiSmooth treatment around your eyes caused this "dry eye" to worsen. I would recommend you see your Ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

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Thermismooth causing dry eyes?

Agree with the other answers - not generally noted as a possible side effect from radiofrequency skin tightening around the eyes. I would recommend discussing with your ophthalmologist.

Derek Norcom, MD
Portland Physician
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Does ThermiSmooth around the eyes cause dry eye?

Using ThermiSmooth to treat the skin around the eyes should not cause dry eyes. I would recommend that you follow-up with the physician who performed the procedure.

Best wishes.


Craig S. Rock, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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ThermiSmooth does not cause dry eye

ThermiSmooth should not cause dry eye - it actually improves blood flow to treated tissues causing an overall rejuvenation.  The treatment should have no detrimental effects on the nearby tear ducts or lacrimal glands - even if those structures were included in the treatment zone, I would expect the result to be a positive one, rather than a negative.  It is possible that some of the coupling gel used during the treatment could have gotten into your eye and maybe irritated it some, but that's the only way I think your symptoms could be related to that treatment.

ThermiSmooth Causing Dry Eye

Thanks for your question. ThermiSmooth should not cause dry eyes. Please follow up with your provider.

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
Sherman Oaks General Surgeon
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