Damage Fraxel Has Done. My Skin is Darker After Fraxel. I Have Fat Loss and Itchy Skin. Is my Skin Still Healing?

I'm a 30 year old female, persian and had fair skin prior to laser treatment. I went to a board certifies dermatologist and did a fraxel dual 1550 about 9 months ago for acne scar. Now my skin is darker, have fat loss, and more scars. My skin burns and frosts right away if I use any toner or lotion. My skin is itchy all the time. I went back to the dr and discussed this with him and he completely demised it. does time heal my skin?How long does the healing process continue? Is there anyway to fix it?

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Risks of Fraxel Laser in Middle Eastern ethnicities

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Any kind of laser treatment can cause what is called "post inflammatory hyperpigmentation" or PIH in darker skinned people.  Although your skin is fare, it behaves post laser more like that of other Persians.  The same applies to Asians who have fair skin.  They are at a much higher risk of developing PIH after laser treatment.  Fraxel Dual 1550 can be performed on Middle Eastern and Asian patients if the proper precautions are taken.  1) Lower energy settings and lower treatment densities.  This means you will need more treatments than somebody from a Northern European genetic background, but in the end, you will get the same results without the PIH or post laser skin darkening.  2) Fraxel Dual 1927 may have been a better treatment option for you as its less likely to cause the PIH.  3) For somebody who is young, and has early sun damage, I think chemical peels, such as Vi Peels or Perfect 10 Peels will have equivalent results without the risk of PIH.  As an alternative, we now offer Clear & Brilliant Laser, which is a new type of Fraxel, which I also like to call the "Baby Fraxel" as its not as aggressive as the 1550 or 1927.  This is a great treatment for people with darker skin types who don't need aggressive treatments.  4) Now that you have the PIH, it is treatable with topical therapy and either Clear & Brilliant treatments or those peels mentioned.  Photos would be helpful.  5) Your point about fat loss.  I have not heard of Fraxel causing this.  It is possible something else is going on unrelated to the Fraxel.  In our 30's, our faces begin to naturally lose volume, the first sign of aging.  It may be a coincidence and not caused by the laser treatment.

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Healing after Fraxel

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Discoloration post laser is real. Maybe you didn't take the proper steps to protect your skin after the treatment. I will recomendyou to see a Dermatologist. Fat loss is not asssociated with the Fraxel treatment.

Jhonny Salomon, MD
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