Are Fraxel Repair Results Permanent?

I have read several answers here, but there seems to be a lack of consensus and even contradictions at times. Essentially, all I wanted to know is if I got Fraxel Repair done for my acne scars, would the results be permanent (UNTIL I age, of course)? I am 23, I eat healthily, I have a good hygiene regimen, but I have acne scars from cystic acne. Will several sessions of Fraxel Repair last me with permanent results UNTIL I age, or do I have to go for periodic visits, say every 5-10 years?

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Are Fraxel Repair Results Permanent?

Thank you for your question. I do not like to use the word "permanent" with the exception of death and taxes.  I prefer "long term" meaning beyond a year, and possibly up to 5 years.  It is hard to know how much improvement there is taking into consideration sun damage, and genetics, etc.  I do have patients that are back 10 years later after resurfacing and have reported then can see improvement still.  Is this 100% for all patients?, not in my opinion.  I think some can get long term results, but plan on a touch up in 1-3 years.  I think acne scar removal will be longer term than tightening of wrinkles though.  I hope this helps!

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That is a very good question. In scar correction, lasers such as the fraxel and other fractional CO2 lasers, are causing the body to remake the scar. In most people there is improvement, not perfection. 

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