Is it safe to get a deep cleansing facial with extractions while on treatment with Tazoraz 0.05% cream?

I am using Tazorac almost nightly to treat my mild to cystic acne. I have olive to tan skin and I scar easily. I have many deep scars throughout my face due to my severe cystic acne. I would like to get a facial to help with the blemishes and texture of my skin. I am also have some hyperpigmention on the top of my lips. Any advice about how to improve my skin tone and texture would be greatly appreciated.

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Tazorac is generally a good choice

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Tazorac is an acne prescription cream that is in the same family as Retin A, but stronger.  A benefit of topical vitamin A is collagen stimulation, so it aids in reducing wrinkles as well as improving the appearance of scars.  It comes with a couple of concerns, which are if you have olive skin and a tendency to post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation AND it is too drying for you, you could get some ashy spots.  Yet, for others Retin A and tazorac can help reduce hyperpigmentation.   Proper sunscreen use is mandatory.   I'm not a fan of facials.  For the hyperpigmentation on your upper lip you could try a hydroquinone product, or as an alternative I like Epionce's Melanolyte serum and lotion.  They are a botanical line that works, and is safe for sensitive skin types.

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