No surgical tape needed for Breast Augmentation?

I went to my breast augmentation & Donut lift post op appointment this morning (surgery was yesterday.) The wrap was removed and I was told that I do not need tape around incision site and that there is glue . This makes me uneasy as all my friends had to wear tape for weeks. Do I need tape, is the glue enough? How does it stay clean

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Surgical Glue


Glue used in place of steri strips is common and can produce excellent results. Follow your Plastic Surgeon's instructions for care.

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No surgical tape needed for Breast Augmentation?

I would not be worried.  In fact deep sutures combined with superglue works very well after breast augmentation.  I avoid the use Steri-Strips because I believe fluid Beneath them and can macerate the incision.

Steri Strips vs skin glue (Dermabond) after breast augmentation

There are various ways to cover the skin after breast augmentation (as well as other procedures).  The two most common are Steri Strips (tape) and skin glue.  Dermabond is probably the best known example of skin glue.  Both methods work well.  Some surgeons prefer one method and some prefer another.  I don't think one way is necessarily better than another.  In my practice, I usually use Steri Strips in conjunction with Mastisol, which helps the Steri Strips adhere to the skin.  However, I will use Dermabond in situations where a patient has a sensitivity to adhesive tape, and they are fairly common. 

The skin glue seals the incision and creates a waterproof barrier.  In theory, it should keep bacteria out of the incision as well. 

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No surgical tape

Good question.  Dermabond "glue" and steri tapes at incision sites are both quite acceptable and differ from one surgeon to another.  Best to follow your follow the advice of your plastic surgeon for post operative incision care.  I wish you good luck.

No surgical tape needed for Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for your question. Dermabond is a perfectly acceptable post surgical dressing. If you have concerns I would make an appointment with your plastic surgeon to discuss your convalescence and answer any questions that you may have.

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No worries

If your surgeon prefers to use glue(derma bond) that is more than acceptable and will work just fine while other surgeon use steri-strips, tape, ect. Every surgeon is different, assuming you achieve your desired result from your surgery, you will be thankful you weren't like some of your friends who had to wear dressings for weeks. Best of luck with your healing. 

Nathan Eberle, MD, DDS
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Post Surgical Dressing

Some surgeon choose to use a glue (Dermabond) to cover the incision.  While others, like myself prefer surgical tape on the incision. 

How the incision is dressed is entirely based on surgeon preference and you can always starting silicone taping once your plastic surgeon clears you to do so.

Good luck.

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No surgical tape needed for Breast Augmentation?

Trust your surgeon.  If you have glue on the incision, tape is usually not needed.  Best to you!

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Steri strips versus surgical glue

Thank you for your question. You should trust your surgeon. There are many ways to manage the surgical incision. Steri strips or surgical glue are frequently used. If there is a glue, you should not need steri strips.

I hope this helps.

- Dr. Bryson Richards

Bryson G. Richards, MD
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Breast augmentation

The use of steri strips varies from surgeon to surgeon.  If yours doesn't feel it is necessary there is no need to panic.  The "glue" they are speaking of is most likely a common surgical adhesive.  It holds well and can get wet, so once you have approval to shower you can wash normally.  Check with your surgeon for specific instructions.

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