I Had Cutera Coolglide Laser to Remove Spider Veins from Around my Nose, NOT Face but They Burned and Blistered my Face? (photo)

I had gone in for a treatment to have the veins removed form around my nose. The person performing the procedure decided instead of doingn around my nose - which I had requested and is in my chart - to treat my cheeks and underneath my eyes. I have what looks like is going to be a scar - it's 3 1/2 weeks after the procedure - on my right cheek where I had a large blister and deep burn. What can I do to help it NOT scar and what can I do to get this corrected? I look far worse now than before

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Cutera CoolGlide for facial veins

It is unfortunate that you had areas treated that you had not asked for. 

You should revisit the physician or technician for follow up.

The areas look inflamed and I recommend neosporin for several days and thereafter use Maderma or Scar Serum and avoid sunlight for at least 4 weeks and use high SPF protection when you are out. 

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Laser treatment

It is hard to tell from the pictures if the areas are  just red or also scarred. If the surface of your skin feels the same compared to the rest of your face when you close your eyes, it is probably not scarred. The redness will go away with time. Make sure to wear a sunscreen everyday to protect the red areas.

Vicki J. Levine, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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