Do I Have a Cross Bite Only or a Jaw Deformity As Well? if So, How Do I Correct Both Problems? (photo)

Hello doctors, I am 23 yrs old and i first started noticing my upper tooth shifting out of line when i was 18. Now the situation has progressed and it is very noticeable and distressing to me. I was told by two different dentists that i have a cross bite, but i think i have a jaw problem as well because my face is asymmetrical, especially when i close my mouth...i have to "engage" my teeth into place and that helps my face become more symmetrical. please advice me further.appreciate it a lot.

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Cross-bite or Jaw Deformity?

You have an underdeveloped upper jaw. The underdevelopment is more noticeable on one side which might indicate an airway constriction or perhaps a sleep habit that is causing a unilateral problem. If you were my patient I would want to know if this is affecting your sleep and your airway. I would need to discover why your jaw is not developing properly and fix that cause then I would use an appliance to develop your upper arch.

Your problem is serious and needs to be addressed because left unfixed it can cause serious health problems.

Good luck!


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Your photos tell the story

You simply need to have your upper arch expanded along with braces to perfect your bite.  Your photographs tell the story.  The last photo shows an accommodation bite due to your maxillary constriction.  I can make this statement based on your first photograph that shows a bilateral maxillary constriction.  But when closing in this relationship, your teeth don't match up so you move your mandible to the left to gain somewhat of a bite.  I would place you in a lower bite plate to provide a equal biting surface for the upper arch to occlude with while I would expand your upper arch.  If it did not expand adequately, it may require the help of a minor upper arch surgery to aid in the expansion.  Get this corrected and you will appreciate the effort for the rest of your life.  Find an orthodontist that will work with you in ways you feel comfortable and you will enjoy this therapy.  Good Luck!!

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