Loose Skin Above C-Section Scar - Can I Tighten w/o Surgery?

I am a mother of three kids via c-section. I am 5'6" 130lbs. I have a toned tummy but I have this slight pooch right above my scar, the skin is loose and I am curious if there is any special exercise I could do to help tone it more. I am getting remarried and would love to look great in my wedding dress and stay looking great after. Please let me know. Thanks

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Loose skin above c-section scar

Without a photo or face to face examination the composition of this "slight pooch" is unknown. It could be mostly excess skin or skin plus fat or it could be due to pure alignment of the layers of tissue at the time of closure. The recommended treatment would depend on which of these applies. There is no one automatic answer that applies to every one of these cases. If the layers are not aligned no amount of laser or surface treatment will realign these deeper layers. In which case you would be wasting your time and money.

In the referenced web page you can see the slight pooch above the scar created by poor alignment of skin layers after surgery performed elsewhere. The treatment was simple realignment of the layers.

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Treatments for loose skin above C-section scar

If you have good muscle tone and the only loose tissue is skin, skin tightening treatments with IPL or Thermage can be very helpful. Exercise helps muscle toning, but doesn't tone the skin itself, other than provide good circulation and an overall improvement in health, which indirectly benefits the skin in total.

The "pooch" as you describe it can also be due to how the edges of the scar were put together after the C-section.  That may be difficult to correct.

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