How Much Will It Cost Me to Fix my Hooked Nose Non Surgically? (photo)

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Price for a rhinoplasty

 Nonsurgical improvement of the nose is only a temporary solution, and there are numerous documented complications from injecting the nose with fillers. The long-term solution is a rhinoplasty and involves  placing cartilage grafts to the glabella, shaving down a hump,  adjusting the bridge line, realigning the nasal bones and tip cartilages. The price list for rhinoplasty is located on the link below

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Nonsurgical Nasal Improvement

For those patients who are not yet ready for a rhinoplasty, non-surgical improvements can be easily made.  Fillers can be injected in the depression (called the radix) above the nasal hump.  A variety of fillers can be used including Hyaluronic Acid fillers like Restylane or Juvederm (which can be dissolved), thicker fillers like Radiesse, or permanent fillers like Artefill.  The procedure takes about 15 minutes and is very well tolerated.  Costs run between $600 and 800 depending on what product is used.

Your depression is quite deep, so you should only expect partial improvement of your profile.  For a more complete result, you should consider a rhinoplasty.  Our office offers the Vectra 3-D imaging, so you can preview the results of non-surgical improvement prior to making a decision as to the appropriateness of this treatment for you.


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Radix augmentation to disguise hump/pseudohump deformity

The area of your bridge between your eyes (radix) is deep, accentuating the dorsal hump deformity you have.  Raising the radix with nonsurgical rhinoplasty will reduce the appearance of the hump, but it is too large to achieve a completely straight profile with nonsurgical rhinoplasty alone.   

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Hook nose

Non-surgically, a filler can fill in the area above the bump and improve the aesthetics a bit.  However, you bump is fairly high and your best result is with a rhinoplasty.  Have a consult with a Board-Certified Facial Plastic surgeon to detail you best options.

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