How Much Will It Cost Me to Have a Crown Replaced?

I have my original crown in London during school - 1997. I moved to work overseas in Ghana and it came of in 2009. had it recemented but did was not placed in position well. it feels uncomfortable and causing the rest of my teeth to change colour. Can I have it replaced in the New York or Jersey as I am visiting there on family visit. How much will it cost. Thanks

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Problems with Re Cemented Crown

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Hi...I am so sorry to hear about the problems you are having with the crown after it was re cemented. It was probably seated wrong, and that is why it does not feel right. The discoloration to the tooth could be from contaminated  cement. However, I do not understand why the one crown would cause discoloration of other teeth. The cost of a new crown depends on what it is made of...base metal or non precious metal and would be around $400 up to $1400 for a e max or all porcelain crown.  Then there is a midrange of a porcelain fused to gold or silver which is less costly than all porcelain. I would change the crown since it causing you problems and also it is has been with you for a long time and, try as we dentist might, we can not make these suckers last a lifetime for you!  Good luck and God Bless!

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How much for a crown?

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It depends on the materials gold, porcelain, non gold ect. and doctors expertise somewhere from $900-$1800.00 should be a fair range good luck



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