Cortisone Shot After Mole Removal?

Hi, I had done a mole removal behind my knee. It got raised and red, so the doctor told me to get a cortisone shot. After I received a cortisone shot, my scar looks the same. It actually got worse. Around my scar is black and the black has expanded. I am wondering why this has happened and if this is permenant.

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The cortisone injection may cause some discoloration to the treated area, but this should last for only a period of time.  Overall the cortisone injection should make the scar look better, this may take about one month.

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Cortisone Shot after Mole Removal

The purpose of the cortisone injection presumably was to lessen the red, thick scar (hypertrophic scar). The injection can cause some back and blue which in general is transient. The benefits of the injection may not be seen for a month.  The injection should not make the scar look worse.

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