How Can I Correct my Slanted Teeth? (photo)

i am a 24 year old upper jaw is a bit protruded and my concern is my front upper teeth slanting towards to the right of my face.this causes my smile to be very uneven . even if i close my lips to smile a tiny bit of my teeh are visible between the lips . i just cant restrict my smiling and my laughing with my lips closed .the slanted uneven teeth spoil my smile completely . is there any way i can correct them??

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How to Correct Slanting Teeth

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The picture is extremely poor quality and can NOT be used to diagnose your situation. In general, however, slanting front teeth can usually be corrected esthetically with Porcelain Veneers. When done by an experienced cosmetic dentist that works with an experienced Ceramist, you will be very pleased.

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Correction of Slanted, Overlapped Teeth

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You mention a protruded jaw as well as slanted upper teeth which make your smile uneven. The photo isn't very clear, so my advice will be generic. If your jaw is protruded,  this sounds like you have an overjet.  Ideally, an orthodontic consultation would be recommended to evaluate  the way your teeth fit together & function. If braces,(conventional or Invisalign ) ,are suggested, the final result will leave you with a nice, even smile. Tooth whitening will make things even brighter! 

If braces are not the way you want to go, then ask for a diagnostic wax up of the front teeth so you can see what your teeth will look like before anything irreversible is done. In some cases the Cosmetic Dentist can do a mock up in your mouth to help you see what the final result can look like. Remember, if you are going to have veneers done, whiten your teeth first!

Good luck!

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