Broken Teeth After Filling. What Are My Options?

One of my molar teeth had filling. When I was eating my teeth broke. One half is left behind. Only half of it is broken. What are the options to save my teeth? But my teeth has a very big filling. I don't have any pain .can I save the rest of the tooth with filling and crown on top of it?

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Broken Teeth After Filling

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Very often, dentists place fillings in teeth that are way too big for the remaining tooth structure to handle. The reason is usually a cost-saving approach. The result is that the tooth either breaks, or the filling falls out. Witrhout seeing photos and X-rays, I cannot answer your specific question. It might be able to be saved. It might need root canal, a post, and a crown. If too much tooth is already destroyed, it might have to be extracted and possibly replaced with an implant crown or with a bridge.

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Broken Tooth after a large filling.

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It's hard to answer this without seeing an xray & photo of the tooth.Did the tooth break & the filling stay...often, with a large filling this can happen! The xray will show how close the break is too the nerve of the tooth, how much tooth structure is left & the height of the bone around the tooth remaining.

In Dentistry there are many things that can be done to  save teeth. You indicate that the broken tooth doesn't hurt, has it had a root canal?  We want whatever we do to last as long as possible so bite issues must be taken into account. If the tooth has good support, a root canal, build up & crown are a possibility. If the tooth broke under the bone, then removal and replacement may be advisable. There are many ways to replace the extracted tooth (implant, bridge or partial denture depending on the status of the rest of your teeth).

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