I Have a Big Long Mouth. How Do I Make it Smaller? (photo)

I have a big mount that gets long especially when I Talk Laugh or Smile. Can I make my mouth smaller or Proportionate? and if there any risk to loose my Natural Smile after the surgery. and how much it will cost? how is the recovery? To be honest I've never had any plastic surgeries. Also, my upper lip is slightly smaller than the lower, how can it be fixed? and how much $?

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Unhappy with the shape of your mouth?

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There are certain genetic features which I do not advise altering by plastic surgery. We all have certain self image concerns-e.g.: when I was younger I would have preferred to be six foot two inches tall and blond. Instead I am five foot seven inches and had dark hair (now greying)- lol. Based on the photos you submitted, you actually have a big smile with full lips that give a strong masculine appearance.In fact, most patients want a bigger smile! My advice is not to surgically alter the shape of your mouth or your lips. Like surgery around the eyes, many times this alters shape and balance of facial features that create a more unnatural look.

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