Procedure to Make Lips Wider/Mouth Bigger?

I have a very small mouth. The width of my mouth is very small as well, which makes me extremely unhappy. Is oral commissuroplasty necessary to get the results I want? Also, when I open my mouth, it is very small. Sorry, I don't have any pictures. Thank you.

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Procedures For Wider Lips and Bigger Mouth

In order to widen your lips and make your mouth bigger and wider, a surgical procedure can help.  I would recommend you see an oral surgeon or a plastic surgeon that has both a dental and medical degree. These procedures can be done but if not done by a highly trained and qualified practitioner, it can cause aesthetic and functional abnormalities.  Also, it is very important that this practitioner have a dental background because this is their domain and they know best about phonetics, anatomy and esthetics in this region.  Good luck and keep us informed.

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Try no surgical approach first

You can make you lips bigger with fillers like juviderm or enhance the lip outline. I would try that first before going under a knife 

Rimma Chertog, DDS
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