Is there any way to slim down fat cheeks?

My cheeks are extremely fat and chipmunk like. Some days i think they're cute, and other days i loathe them. Is there any way to slim them down a little? Not anything as drastic as buccal fat removal, but something subtle. I have briefly tried facial excersizes, but they dont really work do they? Thank you doctors in advance :)

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Fat cheeks

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While there are some instances in which cheeks can really be too full, I would recommend caution regarding any fat reduction in the cheeks at a young age. One of the biggest problems we have with facial aging is the loss of cheek volume and the appearance of hollowing. Reducing cheek fat in borderline circumstances can result in early facial aging later on. Stick with their being cute, and hold off on any procedure-at least at this time.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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