I Had CoolSculpting Four Weeks Ago. I Still Have Complete Numbness in Both Flank Areas and Stomach. Is This Normal (photo)?

I am 5,2 and 100 lbs. I had a "muffin top", and a little bulge on my abdomen. They were able to fill the suction cups but put the suction up to 65 instead of the recommended 50. I experienced some feeling initially like bruising (although there was no visible bruising), but now have no feeling at all. I also do not have any sensation at the top of my legs.

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Coolsculpting and Numbness

There are many temporary side effects local to the area treated with Coolsculpting . Numbness is common and may persist for 4-6 weeks, any longer, discuss with your surgeon.

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Coolsculpting Can Produce Temporary Numbness in the Treated Area

Thank you for your question and photos. Temporary numbness is common after the Coolsculpting.  It is not uncommon to have delayed onset of pain around 5 days after Coolsculpting.  The discomfort is due to inflammation of the tissue. Not everyone has pain or numbness.  The intermittent discomfort tends to subside within a week. It generally takes about 1 to 2  weeks for the swelling  subside. The numbness can take longer to resolve, especially with the larger abdominal Cool Max applicator.  I do recommend compression for at least 3 weeks or until he numbness has resolved.  We utilize the new Cool Advantage applicators which are much more comfortable and reduce treatment time to 35 minutes.  We currently have 4 Coolsculpting machines and can offer "Dual Sculpting" which further reduces the treatment time.  I recommend keeping in touch with the office of your treating provider and regular follow-up.  Best wishes.
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Numbness after Coolsculpting

The numbness eventually goes away. Mine took 3 weeks to dissipate. There is nothing you can do to make it go away faster. It just is what it is! The pain can be more or less with the second treatment... can't predict which it will be.
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I Had CoolSculpting Four Weeks Ago. I Still Have Complete Numbness in Both Flank Areas and Stomach. Is This Normal

Thanks for your question. The suction level at 65 is recommended. For saftey purposes the machine automatically defaults at 50. It is normal to experience some discomfort and numbness for several weeks post treatment. I would advise you to speak with the Doctor who performed your treatment about the sensation on the top of your legs. Best of luck. 

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Very common and normal!

I was one of the first patients to try Cool Sculpting ( I always like to try treatments on myself to make sure they are safe and effective before trying them on my patients). I too had complete numbness for about 6 weeks and then had some residual minor numbness for about 3 months following that. The procedure worked beautifully though!


Best of luck! You will have a great result!

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Numbness after CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared for the flanks (love handles) and abdomen and is proven to be a safe and effective treatment. Typically, there is minimal to no downtime after the treatment though patients may experience temporary pain or discomfort. Side effects can include redness, bruising, swelling, tenderness to the touch, cramping, itching, tingling, and numbness. Numbness can persist up to several weeks after a procedure - a side effect you seem to be experiencing. This is totally normal, and common. Not to worry.

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What you're experiencing post CoolSculpting is very common for many patients 1 month after treatment

Hello and we're glad you asked this good question. It can be concerning and cause anxious feelings when you experience something like numbness and don't know if it's normal. The simple answer is that it is very normal and most commonly acknowledged in the lower abdomen region as this is an area where you have the most sensation during CoolSculpting treatment. Do not be worried about the numbers representing vacuum pressure, 50 and 65, as it is available to providers to adjust this suction as needed to be certain that we are able to most effectively get the tissue into the handpiece. It may however, have an increased potential for some mild bruising sensation or post- procedure discomfort. The numb sensation does last for several weeks, and should slowly resume back to a normal state. Regarding the top of your legs, these nerves may be an extension of the flank and lower abdomen area. If you have any worries that continue in the next 4 weeks, please do call the office where you had treatment for piece of mind. We like to see patients and be sure that they're not worrying uneccesarily, and also like to hear if they have any unusual experiences following this treatment. As far as the sensations you're experiencing 4 weeks following treatment, you're description is consistent with many CoolSculpting patients. Thank you.

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Numbness after CoolSculpting

Patients commonly feel spotty numbness and others feel more extensive numbness, commonly for several weeks to even a few months. Extreme sensitivity can occur and will go away in a couple of weeks or more for the majority of patients that feel such symptoms


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