Had Coolsculpting Last Thursday. I've Had No Pain, Swelling or Cramps. Does That Mean It Didn't Work for Me?

I had coolsculpting on my abdomen last Thrusday, so far I've had very minimal to no pain. I felt a couple of needle like pinches here and there but nothing that made take a pain killer. Also, I've had no swealling at all, not even the same day. I've been wearing a compresion garment since the very next day, maybe that helps avoid pain? Does this mean is not gonna work out for me? I hope not! Also, how can I maximize results? I'm using the CompexFit Ab workout 3/week+regular workouts+healthy diet

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Painless Coolsculpt treatment

Having had the procedure a couple of times myself I can tell you that there is not a correlation with pain and results.  It seems to be more painful the closer the treatment is to the navel.  The larger Coolmax treatments seem to be more painful as well.

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No Side Effects After CoolSculpting

Having minimal side effects does not necessarily correlate with the result (or lack of) that you will see. Everyone reacts differently to the treatment. Only time will tell what your final result will look like. You may start noticing results at about 4 weeks. Give it a good 3 months, and if you are not noticing results, it would be a good idea to consult with the person who provided your treatment.

Steven H. Williams, MD
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Effective CoolSculpting With No Pain

Pain is not necessary to achieve excellent CoolSculpting results.  The discomfort during and after treatment varies widely from patient to patient and is not an indication of the effectiveness of the treatment.  Medication is not necessary in CoolSculpting and there is no downtime.  The consultation process is important in determine if a patient is a good CoolSculpting candidate.  Providers with experience will have the proper technique of finding the layout of the fat bulge and placing the right applicator on the body.  Massage immediately following treatment can increase results greatly.  Compression garments after treatment are used to reduce pain and swelling.  My office offers CoolSculpting Complete which includes dual machines, compression garments, and vibrational therapy.  Vibrational therapy is used to stimulate the lymphatic system which is clearing the treated fat cells from the body.  There is no extra charge for CoolSculpting Complete.  My patients also receive free CoolSculpting treatments through Instant Rebates.  This is available to our practice as our status as a Premier Crystal Practice.  You can find a top CoolSculpting provider near you on their website.

Michael Law, MD
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Many patients do not have pain or swelling after coolsculpting for fat loss

No, not havng pain or swelling after coolsculpting does not mean you won't receive the good result. You may still get good fat reduction despite you not receiving pain.

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Ronald Shelton, MD
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Results are independent of side effect

Just because you aren't experiencing pain, bruising or swelling doesn't mean your treatment was less effective or that it would have been more effective with more after effects. Some patients just don't experience these things or to only a very minimal degree. Some experience nothing during their first treatment but feel more in the way of soreness or bruising after their second treatment.  Patients have reported that when they do experience some swelling and discomfort that they get relief from some type of compression garment.   The key to maintaining but not necessarily maximizing your results is maintaining a stable weight.  Clearly weight loss would contribute to an added bonus improvement.  Good luck

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Is CoolSculpting really no pain, all gain?

Compression garments will reduce both pain and swelling.  No pain does not mean you won’t have great results.  As long as the tissue was frozen when the applicator was removed, you should expect a reduction in the layer of fat.  You cannot accelerate the process, though a healthy diet and exercise will hopefully cause additional weight loss in the whole body.

Sarah A. Mess, MD
Columbia Plastic Surgeon
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