Coolsculpting and Drinking Alcohol?

I had cool sculpting done on my abdomen 8 days ago. I am still extremely numb, sore, and bloated. I am having a hard time sleeping due to the pain. The pain is sparatic. Though I keep telling myself it's only the process working. I've read it will pass within a few weeks. I can't help but wonder if drinking alcohol has anything to do with it. I've had friends visiting for the holiday and I've at least had one drink a day since the procedure.

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Alcohol intake will not affect your results. Alcohol does thin the blood and may cause more bruising before a procedure.

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Coolsculpting and Drinking Alcohol?

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Thank you for your question. If the pain is excruciating where you're not able to sleep, I would recommend letting your provider know to prescribe you some pain meds such as a lidocaine patch or Neurontin. I would avoid alcohol intake to help speed up the healing process. I hope this helps.

Soreness after CoolSculpting by Zeltiq for fat loss

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I am not aware of any reason that alcohol consumption would cause greater soreness after CoolSculpting. It may increase the temporary bruising that is expected.

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Drinking Alcohol and Coolsculpting

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Thank you for your question.

I do not think that having one alcoholic drink a day has anything to do with your recovery.  In general, this discomfort lasts about 2 weeks and then gets better.

Be patient and hopefully you will be pleased with the outcome.

Best wishes.


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Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you were experiencing those symptoms 8 days after your CoolSculpting procedure.  It is highly unlikely that having one drink a day is playing a role in your symptoms; it is more likely due to the procedure itself.  If you continue to be in pain and experience difficulty sleeping due to the pain, I suggest that you follow-up with the physician who performed the CoolSculpting procedure on you to see what your options are.

Good Luck!

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Alcohol and CoolSculpting

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Alcohol does not play a factor in your post treatment numbness and pain.  Hang in there it will subside. 


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