Contour Thread Lift - Can I Have the Threads Removed?

Regarding a contour thread lift procedure I had done on me 2 1/2 years ago is it possible  to remove the 16 threads I had put in? Even if I live with constant discomfort I fear more complications. Can you tell me of similar cases...and what would you recommend?

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Consider a facelift

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Rather than make a separate incision for each of the threadlift threads, you might want to consider having a facelift. Once the incisions are open, that is often the optimal time to remove the threads without having to go through the skin and make a host of small scars. And the problem that the threads were originally placed for is probably still present, and would probably benefit from a real facelift.

Visibility of the threads or constant discomfort are obvious indications to remove the threads, and this can generally be accomplished readily during the performance of a facelift.

The satisfaction rate with threadlifts on this website is 14%, the lowest of any procedure, so many other patients apparently feel your pain.

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Contour thread lift removal = Facelift

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Removal of contour threads is tricky. Their design locks the suture into the tissue with it porcupine quill shape. Many times there is tissue ingrowth. The best opportunity to remove these threads is through a facelift incision. The threads can be visualized and then removed if desired. Once these threads are removed the descended tissues of the face can be resuspended in a more logical manner.

I do not recommend permanent sutures to suspend the face since a permanent structure can lead to a host of problems including infection, reaction, granuloma, etc. If your face is relying on a suture to hold it up at 1 month, your facelift is destined to fail. The only permanent suture in the body is scar, a.k.a. your body healing the tissues in a more rejuvenated fashion.

Anil R. Shah, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Contour Threadlift Removal - Maybe??

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I do not recommend removing the threads unless they are causing a problem. In your case, it seems you are having discomfort. It is not easy to remove but if you go to an experienced doctor in placing and removing them, that would be your best option. 


Andre Berger

Barbed Sutures From Threadlifts Can Be Removed

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The sutures from a previous Threadlift can usually be removed rather easily. They all emanate from the incisions in the hairline or behind the ear from which they were placed. By reopening the old incisions and finding the knots, they can be grasped and removed. I have run across many of these threads (barbed sutures)  in my Indianapolis facelift patients and removed them along the way.

Thread lift removal is easy

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Removal of the original thread lift sutures is very easy. Make the incision where the thread is palpated threw the skin and grab it with a hemostat an pull it out if it is distal it comes out without much of a pull, it it is not palpated distally find the insertion site and make a Small incision and pull it will come with Little resistance and the patient will feel it but it is tolerable.

When the thread lift first came out I did several and over the first few years some needed to be removed but it was not a big problem and tissue easily separated from the suture.

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