Is a Thread Lift Painful?

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The truth hurts

The thread lift itself is not painful.  The lack of results, and quick loss of  marginal results is the most painful part at 6 to 12 months later.

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Tolerable but not very useful

Thread lifts are completely out of vogue now because they have been shown to be minimally valuable for any reasonable lenght of time, very expensive for what you get, and frought with a variety of nuisance problems. Regardless of how you would recover, are you sure you would really want one?

Thread lift pain

Generally, this is not painful, but that is a highly variable answer because some patients are more sensitive than others. Patients who are anxious can receive oral sedation. Local anesthetics are required and can be painful during the infiltration process.

Over time threads can migrate and the barbs can irritate nerves thereby making them painful at a much later date.

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