Can You See or Feel the Threads After a Thread Lift?

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The contour threads, which were the only FDA threads...

The contour threads, which were the only FDA threads approved for threadlifting procedures, are no longer being made by the company. The main reason for this was there palpability or being able to feel them in thinner patients.

They have been replaced by dissolvable sutures made by the same company and marketed as Quill sutures. They dissolve over 6 months, and therefore this is no longer an issue.

Source: Angiotech manufacturing

Scott Trimas, MD

Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Thread Lift

Thank you for your question. Most procedures including the Silhouette InstaLift and Nova Threads use absorbable threads that dissolve over time so it shouldn’t be a problem. For more information, please make sure you seek treatment from a board-certified dermatologist. 

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

A Response

That is a great question. Many factors  are variable with thread lifts that will determine that answer. If you have the larger instalift threads, you may on occasion feel the cones under the skin for a few months. These are generally the area where the skin is the thinnest. The Nova threads come in different sizes. Some of the smaller sizes are smooth and these of course will never show bumps. The larger ones have spirals and occasionally can be felt under the skin, again only at most for a few months. If the threads are placed too deep, you won't get the best result, so it is really up to the physician to place them at the right level where you get results, and yet don't feel them.

Gail Humble, MD
San Francisco Physician

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Thread lift | How to handle visible, palpable threads?

This can sometimes happen, but the good thing is, this is not permanent with absorbable sutures.

Threads can be divided into absorbable and non absorbable sutures. The trend now is for absorbable sutures, of which we have PDO and PLLA.

Threadlift is a minimally invasive treatment, and it appeals to people because of this fact. Removal of a thread is not so straightforward. The tissue trauma, swelling, bruising and pain makes it a rather invasive process so many doctors feel it is much better to give time to allow for the threads to dissolve.

After a threadlift procedure, it is best to wait for swelling to settle, which takes up to a month, before doing any further work.

After 3 months, neocollagenesis occurs. PDO sutures would have dissolved to a good extent, while for PLLA sutures, there is a core of collagen around the suture, making it extremely traumatic to remove.

In general, it is best to not remove absorbable threads unless there is a strong medical reason, for example infection. Skin irregularities will resolve with time so there is no need for thread removal. Threads can be visible if placed too close to the skin surface, or if you have thin skin. However, if threads are placed too deep, then they would be ineffective. 

No outward feel of a suture or thread lift

I don't like the old thread lifts that used permanent material with hooks or barbs.  I use Silhouette Instalift sutures which use more gentle cones to catch the skin and dissolving material that stimulates collagen as it is reabsorbed.  

The first two weeks after a suture lift, you will be aware of a tight or pulling feeling and may feel some firmness over them.  However, that is primarily from swelling which iwill resolve.  By a month, patients report a natural feel and lifted appearance with no sign of what is underneath.  If the patient does feel anything at that point, it is important to return to the treating physician.  Excess inflammation or a suture placed a bit too high in the skin can be managed.

I hope this answers your question. Best wishes.

Heidi A. Waldorf, MD
Heidi A. Waldorf, MD
New York Dermatologist
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A threadlift is a great procedure without general anesthesia to preposition and lift the face. If the threads are inserted properly, you should not feel them. You should consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon who has worked with threads who will give you a good idea if you are a good candidate. 


Andre Berger, MD

Andre Berger, MD
Andre Berger, MD
Beverly Hills Physician
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Natural Painless Results

PDO Thread lift is a natural painless result, non-invasive lunchtime procedure, and the answer to loose and sagging skin! You can not see the threads after receiving them.  Depending on the thickness of your skin will determine alot. You can slightly feel them just because of the tightening that increased  in those loose areas. This is a great 0 downtime procedure and really compliments botox, and fillers. The threads are the BEST PROCEDURE for your neck & jawline, and add to your beautiful, healthy "V-shape" you are looking for. I hope this helps you on your journey!:)

Feeling or seeing the threads after a thread lift

Depending on the thickness of your skin and how the procedure was done, yes, this is entirely possible.  For this reason, patients that we see are often told the benefits of doing a mini facelift combined with skin resurfacing procedures.  Once you see how well the scars can be hidden, patients often elect for this route instead. 

Allan J. Parungao, MD
Allan J. Parungao, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
41 reviews

It is possible

It is possible to see and or feel the threads especially in a thin patient or if they were placed too close to the skin. The problem is that if they are placed too deep to avoid the possibility of this, they have almost no beneficial effect. Even at their best, however, the results are not impressive or long lasting and they are very expensive for what little you get, so most Board Certified plastic surgeons no longer use these products in their practices.

Can you see or feel the threads after a thread lift

Thank you for your question. There are times when the threads can be lumpy. This does not happen often. But it can happen if the skin is thin. This will typically go away. We have seen the lumpiness go away within one month. You may be able to feel the threads, but this too will disappear within little time. The ultimate results of a thread lift are natural, amazing and beautiful. Hope this helps clarify.

Grace Kwon-Hong, MD
Modesto Family Physician

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