Fat Transfer for Buttock Dimples?

I am considering a fat transfer to the buttocks to correct 5 indentations which my Dr. says are from medical injections probably done when I was young. run average 6-7 miles/day, lower side of body fat %, but "dimples" remain. I could use a little lipo on inner and outer thighs,but worried about 1.results of lipo on thighs & 2. wanting to have "fresh" fat w/each injection. Is it better to just accept things as they are (can live w/ the thighs-not too bad but buttocks have always been an embarrassment), or chance I will have smooth lipo and transfer taking? Age 44 5'1" 120 size 4-6

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Fat injection to superficial irregularities on the buttocks

Fat transfer can certainly be performed for this problem.

However, fat injection is not a precise operation and generally tends to improve, not completely eliminate, such problems.

During the healing period, the grafts typically become firm and somewhat raised while dead cells are metabolized away and healing proceeds.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Fat grafting could help

Fat grafting is a very useful technique for volume augmentation as well as correction of irregularities. The success of your injection depends on the depth of these dimples.

Cellulite like skin dimples are very difficult to treat and might not go away. Deeper dimples could be improved.

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
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