Is It Possible to Have Fat Transfer on Hips and Outer Thighs?

My hips and outer thighs are flat and always have been. My butt is small and flat, and my stomach (especially the upper part, above the belly button) are large.

I would like to move belly fat to the butt and the hips/thighs so as to create more of an hour-glass figure. Is it possible to place fat on my hips and outer thighs?

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Fat transfer works well for buttocks and hips.

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This is a version of the Brasilian butt lift.  Fat transfer or fat injections from abdomen (with liposuction) to buttocks, hips, and thighs.  Works well with good technique. 

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

It sounds like you want the Brazilian Buttock Lift.

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You should look into the Brazilian Buttocks Lift. This is essentially what you are describing. It takes fat from prominent areas and transfers it to the buttocks to improve fullness and projection.

This typically requires large volumes of fat.

Fat grafting is a very popular technique

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Fat transfer to the buttocks is currently regarded as the work horse for buttock augmentation. The transplanted graft survival is technique dependent but in general is high. Transfer of fat to other areas could be performed as long as it is placed deep enough to avoid surface irregularities. The amount of transferred fat is dependent on the amount available for liposuction. As a general rule the transplanted fat graft is around 30% of the amount liposuctioned. Hope that helps!

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