Can Invisalign Damage Teeth?

I had Invisalign for 8 months and had the 2 attachments on the upper second tooth from the front on each side. When they were removed, vertical ridges were left on the teeth. The dentist told me this is the normal wearing of enamel which can come off in layers, then he tried to tell me they were like that before. However, the molds tell it differently, and I don't buy it. I think he was careless with the drill or the attachments, and damaged the teeth. Am I right to say that Invisalign caused these ridges on my teeth? to Any comment would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Invisalign does not damage teeth

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When the attachment is removed, it needs to be polished back down to enamel. It's really simple to do and your dentist is being lazy. We use a special wheel to do that. If you don't, then the bonding will be there for a long time.

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The problem is not Invisalign

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If your mechanic installed a carburetor wrong and damaged the car, would you say that carburetor damaged the car

Invisalign is safe. Yet removal of buttons can affect enamel if done too aggressively. It is possible your dentist is just afraid of damaging the teeth and is being conservative.

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