My Doctor Wanted Me to Wait One Week Post Op To Get Fitted For Compression Garment. Is This Normal?

My doctor wanted me to wait one week after op to get fitted for compression garmet cause he said swelling will have gone down and we could get a better fit. Everything I read on here states that compression garmets are most important in the first week post op. is this a mistake for me to wait that long?

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Use of compression garments after a tummy tuck

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Every plastic surgeon develops their own postoperative regimens based on their training and experiences.  I prefer to use compression garments immediately following surgery because I think they help with edema and may prevent some seromas.  I think they also provide a little extra support to the abdominal muscle/fascia which have been repaired during the abdominoplasty procedure.  The down side of compression garments is that they can negatively affect blood flow to the wound edges.  Your surgeon may feel it's best to wait to use compression garments for this reason.  If you are still unsure about your surgeon's rationale for waiting, you should address this with him/her or with their staff.  A more thorough explanation may alleviate some of your concerns.  

Yuba City Plastic Surgeon

Timing of Compression Garments After a Tummy Tuck

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Every doctor has a routine that they are comfortable with for every procedure they commonly perform.  Most of the time, these routines are developed from their experiences in what gives them the best opportunity to achieve the desired outcome.  While most plastic surgeons will place the patient into some form of compression garment right after a tummy tuck, not all do.  Some prefer to wait a week or so before adding compression.  Others never use compression.  These most common reason for not using compression is a belief that compression garments may increase the risks of blood clots after surgery.  If you are concerned with the timing of adding compression garments to your post-operative routine, please ask your plastic surgeon who should be willing to address your concerns during your visit.  

Herluf G. Lund, Jr, MD
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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