Is It Ok to Take Compression Garment off for a Couple Hours a Few Days After Chin Lipo?

I had chin lipo four days ago. I was told to wear the cg 23 hours a day, taking off to bath, which is what I've been doing, plus loosening it to eat. I know its important to the healing process, that's why im wondering if it wuld be a big deal to take off for a couple hours tomorrow to get out of the house and go to a movie, as long as I put it righht back on when I get home? Or will that effect my healing? Im young with good elastic skin as well.

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Consult with your doctor.

You should always consult with the physician who did the procedure for recommendations for post operative care.

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Wearing compression garment after chin liposuction

Blondie613, you're asking a very common question. I have my patients wear their chin garment for 3 days 23 hours per day. After that wear it for comfort when at home. Three days is sufficient to reduce the initial swelling and "push" the bruising down towards the lower neck. 

The wearing of a compression garment for the chin, neck or anywhere else on the body is the most variable part of liposuction. Surgeons each have their own preferences regarding the garment. But, follow your own surgeon's instructions. If you have any questions be sure to call him/her to ask what you should do. 

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Garments after chin liposuction

You should consult with your plastic surgeon regarding this question, but generally it is fine to have the chin garment off for a few hours if needed.  The garment helps to some degree in molding the final contour as well as controlling swelling. A few hours should  not significantly affect your final outcome.

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In my office, I advise my patients that it is only necessary to wear the strap for 3 days.

I some times think that surgeons do not understand the purpose of things.  After 24 hours, the likelihood of developing a bruise from the lower face liposuction has passed.  The only purpose of the face bra, is to provide support so you don't jiggle so much.  Oh it also reminds you not to over do things after surgery.  Beyond that, it really does nothing.  It has no ultimately bearing on how you heal.  What should you do here?  Well it sounds like your doctor wants you to wear it.  You will have to decide for yourself if that advice is sound or not.

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Chin Liposuction

This is a gamble and one you have to be willing to take consequences for.  Perhaps nothing negative will occur, but there is no way to know.  Thank you for your questions and good luck.

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