Composite Filling Discolouration?

I had bad staining on my front teeth. My dentist decided at my last appointment that he would cover the two stained teeth with composite fillings, however my gums started bleeding mid treatment so he stopped saying he would have to redo it at next appt. when I went to appointment today (2 weeks later) he said the discolouration on the filling is due to me smoking, but it wasn't the right colour to begin with, is he right and if so is there a better option than composite fillings?

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Very difficult to do nice tooth color filling when your gums bleed, in many cases a crown or veneer is better to hide stained teeth, if the stain is intrisic crown if extrinsic get them cleaned and polished good luck



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Porcelain veneers would be more color stable over time and provide a more predictable way to cover bad stains on your front teeth.  They would also be more resistant to stains from smoking.

Daniel Melnick, DDS
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Composite Filling

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Usually for a cosmetic composite to hide the discoloration its used the stratified technique, this consist in make different layers, the first one its a opaquer, after that a body shade, and the last one the final color.

the best option you can have its to attend a cosmetic dentist to have it done.


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Discolored Composite Fillings

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If the coloring is off on your composite fillings you may want to have your dentist place two porcelain veneers. There is a much better chance of matching the color perfectly and the bond strength will be enhanced as well. Good luck.

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