How Common is a Tummy Tuck After Having Twins?

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Tummy Tuck After Having Twins

I have had several patients who had twins before getting a tummy tuck. Carrying twins can take a huge toll on a woman's body, stretching out the skin and weakening abdominal muscles, so it's not unusual for a woman to be unhappy with their body contour after having their children and turn to a tummy tuck to address their concerns.

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Tummy tuck after having twins

There is usually a great deal of stretching and distortion to the abdomen after having twins, and in most cases a tummytuck would help greatly to reestablish a firm, well supported abdominal muscular shape.  Waiting 6 months afterr your last pregnancy or  after nursing would be the advice many OBGYN's offer to their patients, but always feel free to coordinate this with advice from your chosen Plastic Surgeon.


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Difficult to say

It all depends on your genetics.  The best thing to do is wait until after you are done breast feeding and have gone back to either your normal weight or close to it and then see if your a tummy tuck candidate.

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Tummy tuck after twins


A tummy tuck generally adresses three different issue:

1) Excess fat

2) Excess skin and soft tissue laxity

3) Abdominal wall laxity

Women who have had multiple pregnancies usually have the most signiciant change in their abdominal appearence and therefore stand to gain the most improvement from a tummy tuck.  Each body and each individuals goals are different and should be assessed accordingly.  If you have looseness of your abdominal wall and significant skin and soft tissue laxity then a tummy tuck would help correct this and return your body toward it pre-pregnancy form.

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Dr Repta

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Tummy tuck is extremely likely after having twins!

Anytime a women has multiple babies in a single pregnancy this will impart more expansion and stretch on the abdominal wall.  The muscle separation or splaying (medically known as rectus diastasis) is also more severe.  Some women that are very young with good elastin may get a fair amount of "spring back" but the rectus diastasis never corrects without surgery. In addition, patients are also more predisposed to hernia formation as well.


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Tummy Tuck after Twins

Pregnancy creates significant stretching of the skin and muscles of the mother. Twin gestations could be expected to create even more stretching due to a larger uterus. However, the anatomy of the mother, pelvic size, height, weight gain during pregnancy and just genetic tendencies all have a role to play. Ultimately each woman will decide for herself, in great part, how much she is bothered by the appearance of the abdomen after pregnancy. One woman might have twins and have no concerns while another woman might be devastated after delivering a single child. Best of Luck Dr Harrell

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Tummy tuck following the birth of twins?

I am not certain that there is always a more incompetent abdomen or more sever stigmata of pregnancy following the birth of twins.  People come in all shapes and sizes.  Some rebound after pregnancy more completely than others.  Fortunately for those who do not, there are methods to help.  I love plastic surgery.

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More abdominal stretching generally with twin vs one child

In general, stretching of the skin and abdominal wall is greater for multiple births such as twins as compared to a single birth. Therefore, it is more likely that a woman can benefit from a tummy tuck following having twins versus one child. With this said, everyone is different and just because you had twins does not mean that you would experience a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your abdomen as the result of a tummy tuck.

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Twins and tummy tuck

In general after pregnancy, the skin is streatched and there is muscle speperation ( diastasis) requiring tummy tuck to correct it.. With twin prgnancy, these tend to b more pronoused and tummy tuck is usualy the answer. However, every case has to addressed and a plastic surgeon surgeon will be able to advise you on the appropriate procedure.

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Tummy Tuck after any pregnancy is beneficial

Tummy Tuck is as common as population that seeks it.  Although all women who have gone through pregnancies would benefit from tummy tuck, very few actually seek it.  If cost was not a factor all would want it.  

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