My Stomach Has Saggy Skin When Bending Over 6 Months Post-Op TT, What Can I Do?

may any one help me here? my tummy tuck is now 6 months and i have saggy skin when bending but great when standing. is there any cream or supplement i can apply that stretches the skin???

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Concern about loose skin on abdomen following a tummy tuck when bending over

Without photos both in a standing position as well as bending over, it is difficult to provide you with an exact assessment of your result. Understand that there will be some laxity of your abdomen with bending over but whether or not yours exceeds what is normal can't be ascertained without the photos or, more preferably, an examination.

Regardless of the answer to the above, there are no creams or lotions that will magically tighten you skin.

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There are no lotions or creams that currently exist to correct abdominal skin and soft-tissue laxity


As you may have already suspected, there are no topical solutions to significantly or definitively correct skin and soft-tissue laxity of the abdomen.  Although there are many commercials and advertisments that claim their products do indeed accomplish this they are not true.  There are some non-surgical modalities such as Ulthera and some lasers than can tighten skin and soft-tissue to a mild degree.  Laxity beyond this is generally treated by surgery.

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Saggy Skin after Tummy Tuck

If you look better now after surgery, but only when standing up straight there are a couple of possiblities. One is that perhaps more skin could have been excised. The other is that ist is a normal occurrence. Your surgeon can determine if the muscle repair is still secure and whether indeed this is just a normal phenomena or residual loose skin. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

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6 months post op Tummy Tuck Surgery

Thank you for your email.

Without photos and/or examination, it is difficult to give you good advice.  It seems that you have had a nice result with your tummy tuck, you are just concerned about when you bend over... there, unfortunately, are not creams or lotions that will tighten that skin.

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