Does anyone have additional information on Slim Freezer?

I recently heard of a device called Slim Freezer that is sold in the UK. As I understand it the device is a home version of coolsculpting. Does anyone have additional information on this device?

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Try CoolSculpting

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This product appears to be a glorified ice pack and, quite frankly, will never be able to do the same thing as CoolSculpting – which uses a patented vacuum apparatus and cold plates next to the vacuum to get to the deep layers where the fat resides. This device will most likely cause many to have skin freeze burns, and scarring may be a side effect in some.

CoolSculpting is the only FDA-approved device for cold fat removal in the US. Any other cool whatever devices are knockoffs, and they are illegal in the US. And this, being an OTC device, cannot duplicate what we have in our offices.

Don't be fooled and consult with appropriate folks — board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
3.9 out of 5 stars 17 reviews

Slim Freezing vs CoolSculpting

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CoolSculpting is a professional, FDA approved device that has a proven track record. Slim Freeze does not possess those qualities. I would not recommend Slim Freeze. Best Wishes, Maurice Vick MD

CoolSculpting has proven its effectiveness and I have still not learned of Slim Freezer in my NYC practice

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Since the question was posted more than two years ago, I have still not encountered this device here in the U.S.  I continue to treat my patients with CoolSculpting and have good results and a very high patient satisfaction rating and safety level.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 39 reviews

Coolsculpting vs Slim Freezer

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Dear ColoradoMaiden,

I haven't heard of this device, but please be careful in placing trust in non-approved technologies. Coolsculpting is an FDA approved, proven technology, for fat reduction. Its important for a medical professional to administer the treatment, with a machine that has cooling plates associated with a vacuum technology.

Good luck!

Shamim Shakibai, MD
Los Angeles Physician
5.0 out of 5 stars 9 reviews

Slim Freezer vs CoolSculpting

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While I've never heard of this product, beware that there will be devices made and attempts to be sold by stating they also freeze fat! CoolSculpting is the only FDA approved devise for fat reduction in the US. No home device is going to perform the way CoolSculpting does and is not recommended. 

Slim Freezer VS CoolSculpting

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CoolSculpting has quickly become the largest noninvasive fat reduction technology in the United States because of the results that it is consistently able to achieve. The Slim Freezer is not a comparable treatment option.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 116 reviews

Imitations of CoolSculpting

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I would be wary of imitators that pop up.  I have not heard of Slim Freezer. Many are not the same quality and do not have the same safety records.  Research extremely carefully and don't fall for short promos.

Francisco Canales, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 35 reviews

Accept no imitations

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Accept no imitations.  Approach with caution. Only consider Coolsculpting - an effective FDA non invasive treatment for excess fat. I have seen some impressive results with a series of 2-3 treatments. However, the results do vary from patient to patient. Remember, cool sculpting requires no surgery and it will generally yield at least 10-20% improvement each treatment It will take up to 3 month to appreciate your final results after each treatment. However, you must understand that cool sculpting is NOT liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical procedure and will yield more definitive results. Please visit with a board certified PS to learn more about your options.

Dr. Basu
Houston, TX

Slim Freezer

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There have been a number of companies (many from China) who have attempted to tap into the success and popularity of Coolsculpting. They have marketed their machines with different names in different companies. I would avoid these imitators as they do not have effectiveness or safety of Coolsculpting.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 56 reviews

Beware the "CatchPenny Copycats" of Medical Technology

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Hi there-

The unfortunate reality is that when a truly safe, effective, impactful new aesthetic technology is developed (and in this case patented), there will inevitably quickly emerge multiple copycats with cute and similar sounding names hoping to skim some quick revenue by fooling the unsuspecting and hopeful patient.

As of this writing, I know of NO other treatment based on cryolipolysis (the science of reducing fat by cooling) that is safe and effective. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish- seek out a Coolsculpting Certified Center.

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