For laser hair removal procedures, how much coverage does a single beam of laser cover?

When the technician is going over my skin there may be only 10 shots of light over a very big area and wondering if the jelly helps to disperse the light to cover a broader area?

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Size of area covered with Laser Hair Removal

Hello, The area being treated is usually only covered by the area of the device being used. When gel is used, that is an IPL (light) device being used. Laser devices usually have "spot" size.  Only the area in the target of the "light" or "laser" will be effected.

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Laser Hair Removal Beam SIze

Usually the laser beam is either a circle or square which covers about 1 cm in size or somewhat larger.  The trend over the years has been to create lasers with larger spot sizes to reduce the number of pulses needed and reduce the treatment time.  However, it would seem unusual to have a laser hair removal treatment done to a big area and only have 10 pulses delivered to the skin.  The gel does not really help the light disperse.  It mainly is used to help cool the skin and help the laser tip glide over the skin.

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Laser Hair

The gel on the skin with certain laser hair removal machines such as IPL protect the skin from being burned.  Best, Dr. Green

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