Collagen Injections Vs Brazilian Butt Lift: Butt Augmentation

Does a getting collagen injection for buttock augmentation give you the same results as getting a Brazilian butt lift?

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Collagen Injections Vs Brazilian Butt Lift: Butt Augmentation

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Collagen is an old filler of the face.  Newer and better fillers, especially the class called hyaluronic acid fillers, have essentially replaced collagen.  The volumes of filler require to augment the buttocks is hundreds of times more that the volumes required for the face.  It becomes cost prohibitive to use fillers in the buttocks that are usually used for facial augmentation.  This certainly is one reason why they are not used for the buttocks.  Fat grafting (BBL) is very safe and reliable and also cost effective for buttock augmentation.  Best of luck!

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Collagen vs Brazilian Butt Lift

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This is a very common question, as patients want to use something that is going to be simple but safe for their buttock augmentation.

First of all I would NOT have silicone, collagen, biopolymer or any other substance injected into your buttock that is not fat. That is a set-up for life long problems. Some people have these injections and are fine, but the people that have problems have them for life.

Unfortunately here in Miami many patients try to save money by having their procedure performed by non-plastic surgeons and at facilities that have not been accredited and often have problems.

Currently the only safe injection for buttock augmentation is fat. This is called the Brazilian Butt Lift; it is so popular because it enables your plastic surgeon to transform your entire shape. Liposuction is performed over several areas depending on the individual patient needs, but typically of the flanks, abdomen, back and thighs. So this is going to change your entire shape.

I would advise you to see a board certified plastic surgeon that performs a lot of fat transfer procedures.

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian butt lift is your best option, a lot of fat can be transferred from various parts of you body to your buttocks, which could give you better and fuller results.
This way your body can be contoured to the shape that you want, and its a safe way to do it. Since its your own body fat, theres a considerable lower chance of it being rejected by your system.
Good luck!

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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Butt Augmentation

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Buttock augmentation with fat transfer, also known as the Brazil Butt Lift in honor of the country in which it was developed, involves two steps. First, the patient's own fat is collected through liposuction. The most popular areas for liposuction before buttock augmentation are the lower back, waist, flanks (love handles), thighs and stomach. This not only provides the raw material for buttock enhancement, it also contours the areas around the butt for a more dramatic result. The liposuctioned fat is then purified in a special process so that the best fat is ready to be reintroduced to the body.


In the second step, the donor fat is added to the buttocks with hundreds of tiny injections at different depths to ensure an even, attractive augmentation. This method of fat injection lends a shapely contour to the buttocks that lasts a long time. Special attention is given to the upper buttocks so the entire rear looks youthfully and naturally lifted.



? Collagen for Buttock Augmentation

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No-  this is not a viable option for buttock augmentation -  Fat or implants are 2 viable solutions.  oth have inherent advantages and disadvantages.    see video embedded


Good Luck-


Dr Del Vecchio 

Buttock augmentation

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You will need 300 to 400 cc of collagen per each butt cheek.  At the current proce of several hundred dollars, this is a costly approach.  Also, the collagen will be gone in 3 to 6 momnths after your expensive investment.  If you do not have much fat, I would really consider a buttock implant highly.

No approved fillers for buttock enhancement

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Available fillers for wrinkles come in one cc syringes costing from $500-800.

You will need 300-500 cc for each buttock. You do the math.

The only options available today for buttock enhancement are:

1. Buttock Enhancement by Fat Transfer

2. Buttock enhancement by Implants

3. buttock enhancement by dermis Fat Graft

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift: Fat injection is the material of choice (not fillers or collagen)

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Collagen is impractical due to the quantity of material required and the temporary result.

Your most reasonable options are fat grafting (Brazilian Butt Lift), Fat flaps with lower body lift, or implants.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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That would be one expensive butt!

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Collagen is about $500 per cc, and, we typically inject over 500 cc's per buttock cheek. That would be $500,000 for your entire buttocks!!!

Even if there were a cost effective way to inject collagen into your buttocks, it would still not give you as good of a result as the Brazilian Buttocks Lift. This is because part of what makes the Brazilian so dramatic is the fact that you get Liposuction at the same time.

Collagen Butt Augmentation does not exist

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Collagen Buttock Augmentation does NOT exist for 2 reasons:
1. It is not approved by the FDA
and, more importantly,
2. It would be ASTRONOMICALLY expensive. Since a fat transfer buttock augmentation or Brazilian Butt lift requires 400 to 900 cc of fat PER CHEEK and the cost of collagen is OVER 400 dollars per cc. It would cost well over 160 to 360 thousand dollars for a "collagen buttock augmentation."

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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