Can glycolic peel be repeated in a week's time for face? (Photo)

I had done my glycolic 35% peel by a dermatologist who is treating my skin with HQ 4% creams. Can I directly opt out for 70% peel within a week after that?

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A Series Of Full Strength Glycolic Acid 70% Peels Can Be Helpful For Treating Skin HyperPigmentary Problems

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I have been routinely using superficial glycolic acid 70% peels for over three decades. I seldom ever use any concentrations below that, since I have found the lower strengths to be generally ineffective for most purposes, except for perhaps giving a temporary glow and smoothness to the skin. I have routinely performed the full-strengh glycolic acid peels with varying schedules from once weekly to once every six weeks without any problems in both men and women. Therefore, if a 30% glycolic acid peel was performed one week earlier, and there was no untoward irritation, allergy, or excessive dryness and flaking,  there should be no reason why a full strength glycolic acid peel cannot be performed one week later. That having been said, you should of course discuss this with your treating physician to be certain that this is indeed the best approach specifically for you and that there are no specific contraindications to doing so.

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Glycolic acid peels

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I think you should let your dermatologist choose what strength is best for you. More concentrated is not necessarily better

Melvin Elson, MD
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