Can I have breast agumentation while in the military?

Hello I'm interested in getting a breast augmentation, but I'm in the military and can't find an instruction if I need permission from the navy or if I need to inform someone that I'm getting surgery. I have the funds to cover surgery and plan on taking two weeks of leave.

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Short Answer: "yes"

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We are honored by our military patients' confidence in our office and the quality of our results. We appreciate and thank you for your service and offer a "military discount" as a token of our appreciation for those who serve our country.

Like any elective surgery, you need to inform your superior's of your planned absence.  I believe he surgical details can remain confidential; but, this can vary by service, so it's best to check. 

Bottom line:  It's done all the time. We know because we do it all the time! Your timetable looks good. You probably can return to light duty in one week, although you still wont be cleared for heavy lifting or pushups, etc... for at least a month.

Breast Augmentation in military

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You will need convalescent leave which can be obtained from your command. The amount of time away depends on your job and you should consult your plastic surgeon to determine what is right for you.

Susan Kaweski, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Can I have breast agumentation while in the military?

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Usually this is not an issue as the recovery is fairly quick, but each individual case may be different.  Find a board certified plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of these procedures and has hundreds of pictures and reviews.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Beverly Hills, CA

Breast implants

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I have active military get cosmetic surgery all the time.  You will need a doctors note to go back to duty, but because of HIPAA laws,  the more wont say the type of surgery you had, and your employer isn't allowed to ask.  So, no problem.  I would not recommend large implants, though, your uniform won't fit.

Breast augmentation while in the military

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Hi Avandyke08,

Thanks for your questions.  I have treated multiple active duty service personnel, and it seem like it is always best policy to inform your command/medical that you intend to have a procedure - you don't necessarily have to share what procedure you are having.  This is due to the fact that you want to assure that you won't end up on the wrong end of a drug test because you will be taking pain meds for a few days, and that you don't get your leave cancelled for maneuvers or something crazy.  When you have cleared your procedure with medical, they will also accept my note stating that you need light duty for 4-6 weeks after your procedure so that you will recover well and get the absolute best result.

With 2 weeks off that will give you adequate time to begin healing well and then with light duty for another 4-6 weeks with a doctor's note, you should get a great result and then be back to participating in your duty activities without difficulty.
My typical patient feels reasonably good after 2-3 days, so you can definitely really enjoy the remainder of your vacation as long as you take it easy and don't do anything overly strenuous.  Usually you can be back to light, lower body, non-impact exercise (stationary bike or legs-only eliptical) within 10 days to 2 weeks after your breast augmentation and back to the same level of activity and exercise you were doing on the day before your procedure by 4-5 weeks after.  I would advise you schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area with breast augmentation expertise with before and after photos that you like.  Many surgeon also will offer special pricing for our military.  

Best wishes!

Dr. Brown

Breast Augmentation and the Military

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You can get a cosmetic surgery in the military. You will probably need to inform your commanding officer of your plans to get elective surgery during your leave.  If you perform duties that are vigorous or require a lot of strength in the upper body, you may need to have limited duty once you return for a few weeks.
Best of luck!


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Thank you for the question and yes you can undergo breast augmentation while in the military if you are a candidate surgically. Get permission from your commander/supervisor before scheduling if possible and 2 weeks of leave will be enough time to get back to a desk or administrative job. If you have a very physical job, you will have to get a limited duty waiver form completed by the surgeon for a few extra weeks.

The cost of Breast Augmentation varies from practice but the cost of the implants should not go up or down depending on the size of the implant alone. A 350cc gel implant costs the same as a 650cc gel implant. The cost of the implants vary depending on the type of implant- saline vs silicone but not volume. Most important is to pick a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon - Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. It can be hard and confusing for consumers when a physician may tell you they are Board Certified. Make sure it is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery as many Physicians are certified but it is in another area such as Dermatology, Gynecology, ENT, or some other specialty that does not have the years of training and Certification in Plastic Surgery required to be a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Rather than finding a non-certified surgeon that may give you better pricing it can be helpful to find a newer Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that has years of experience in training and surgery-required to become Board Certified in Plastic Surgery but is newer in practice. They have the latest up to date training and highest standards as currently set by the newest technology and are able to pass on to the consumer much better pricing for Breast Augmentation. The manufacturers of the breast implants encourage and assist the newer Certified Plastic Surgeons by giving them special pricing on implants which most will pass on to you, the consumer. Check for special pricing here on RealSelf and make sure the surgeon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and you may find the perfect Plastic Surgeon for you who is able to work with your budget without cutting corners!

Can I have breast augmentation while in the military?

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You can undergo breast augmentation while on active duty in the Navy. You will need permission from your supervisor or commander before scheduling surgery. 2 weeks of leave will be enough time to get back to an administrative job. However, if you have a very physical job, you will have to get a limited duty waiver form from your primary care physician. In addition, if you have a PT test that is due, I would get that out of the way, because you will not be able to do push ups right away. You have to recondition your chest muscles after surgery to be able to pass the push ups part of the the test. Thank you for your question. Best wishes.

Dr. Gregory Park

Breast augmetnation in the military

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You are a perfect candidate for a breast augmentation likely. You will have to avoid use of your arms/pecs for the first 4 weeks. You will definitely need a breast band (we make the best breast band on the market called the Mermaid Band) that I recommend you keep on your chest for a whole month to ensure optimum implant position; Please see examples below:

Can I have breast agumentation while in the military?

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Thank you for your question. You can obtain a breast augmentation while in the military but it would be wise to schedule it with enough recovery time built into your schedule to allow for an uneventful recovery.  Depending on your active duty obligations, I would recommend at least 6 weeks. Hope this helps.

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