Chin Lipo, Swollen, Need Fast Solution; Water Pills? (photo)

I had chin lip procedure 2 days ago, wearing compression bandage. Face and neck very swollen. Need to work on monday ( 3 days from now) without anyone noticing. Will water pills work?

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Water Pills are NOT the answer for immediate post op liposuction swelling

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Water Pills are NOT the answer for immediate post op liposuction swelling. You are describing a normal physiological reaction to your chin liposuction. Water pills do not help. Wear a turtle neck for the first week if this is your concern.

There are many predictable portions of the healing process that ALL PATIENTS EXPERIENCE after liposuction. Temporary areas of firmness (lumps) can be seen early on but usually resolve on their own. Although both doctor and patients would like to not have this happen, it is part of the healing process. These Side effects refer to what you will be experiencing from the healing process: Here are some of the common things you will experience. The common side effects include: swelling which is maximum 2-3 days later, bruising (highly variable), numbness which takes several months to resolve,  tightness takes several days to months to resolve, discomfort (generally mild with this surgery, nausea (variable) and in some patients emotional lability in some. Although most of the visible edema resolves in 2-3 weeks in mini-lifts and 3-4 weeks in traditional facelift approaches, residual firmness (edema you feel but don’t see) can linger for several months. Skin suppleness also takes a while to return as does scar maturation. I tell my patients it takes up to a year for final resolution of the healing process. A chin strap often hastens recovery after neck/submental chin liposuction. In my experience, the above rough time table is usually delayed in smokers, when multiple procedures are performed together and when resurfacing procedures are done at the same time as the lift. The same is true if complications occur such as infection, hematoma, skin loss or compromise, etc


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A water pill will not speed up the resolution of swelling. In most of my patients, a great deal has subsided by 5 days. This is a discussion to be had with your doctor prior to having the surgery.

I totally agree with Dr. Bridges.

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This is the type of question that should be directed to your surgeon.  For a neck liposuction, 3 more days of healing will make a world of difference.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Call your doctor

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I'm a little concerned that you are asking the advice of strangers so early after a surgery.  You should call your surgeon and have him/her take a look.

Matthew Bridges, MD
Richmond Facial Plastic Surgeon
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