My Double Chin is Not from Being Fat I'm Also Underage and I Would Like to Know How Much Would It Cost?

my body is an average one not fat neither skinny but since I started becoming a teenager I developed a double chin that I hate. I'm 16 years old and I would like to know how much it's gonna cost me and If I can get this surgery with my parents permission.

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Chin liposuction for double chin

            Many people do have the appearance of a double chin despite relatively normal body fat levels.  This is due in part to anatomical variants (jaw length, chin projection, cervicomental angle, hyoid bone position, platysmal thickness or laxity, skin laxity, etc.) and in part due to abnormal amount of fat deposition in a certain area (lipodystrophy).  Chin liposuction is relatively inexpensive, and you could probably find someone to do it for $2000 at the inexpensive end. 

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