Post laser hair Brazilian removal. Felt rushed, and when I looked right after I saw areas with hair still there. Is that normal?

I just got my first ever laser hair removal session. I shaved like I was told (Haven't don't that in years since I always wax) there were some spots that I couldn't really shaved so I trimmed them as short as I could. I felt like she rushed, and when I looked right after I saw areas with hair still there. I thought all the hair was going to be gone. I know it's takes multiple sessions to never see hair but I expected that right after there would be none.

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What to expect after Brazilian laser hair removal treatment

Treating Brazilian bikini by laser is tricky and is very much dependent on the type of laser delivery hand-piece used and the skill of the person. While it is not required for the hair to be seen to be physically gone right after laser treatment, it is possible to miss some areas in the brazilian bikini part as it is not a flat skin surface if one uses a handpiece that must touch the skin, like IPL or Diode handpieces in general. From my experience, the hand piece which has a visible beam that can be seen exactly on the skin is better for treating this area, so as not to miss any area untreated, for example Nd_YAG or Alexandrite. It takes a series of several sessions 6-8 for significant reduction in the hair. After each treatment, it will take a few weeks for the dead hair to fall off.

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Just had a Brazilian

There's no need to worry. After each treatment there will still be some hair. It takes 1-2 weeks for the hair to fall out. However, if you feel that your provider rushed, please speak up about it during your next visit. You are always your own best advocate.

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After laser hair removal, I still see hair - this is normal?

You should still see hair after LHR. It will not fall out right away and only a small portion of the hair will. It takes 6 sessions or more for results. Even after these session, only 70-75% of hair is removed. I wouldn't worry at this point.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Laser Hair Removal

Thank you for your question. Laser hair removal does not work immediately. Typically the hair that is in the hair follicle may take a week or two to fall out after the laser treatment. You may notice a little singe on the hair from the laser energy being absorbed by the hair follicle. When the hair heats up from the energy, it injures the cells below the surface of the skin that create and grow the hair.  That injury makes the hair stop growing and within about a week or two, you will notice those hairs disappear from the hair follicle.  After a month or two, some of the hair will recover and start growing again, but it will usually be thinner and more fine.  At this point you are ready for another treatment. Please shave prior to your laser treatment to make sure that the hair is only in the hair follicle and not laying on the skin.  You want all that energy to be absorbed IN the Hair follicle where it will be effective in destroying those cells that generated the hair.  

I hope this helps!

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