Hypermobile lip surgery - yes or no? Braces - yes or no? (Photos)

I want to do upper lip repositioning surgery. My goal is to keep my lip from showing all the gum (see pics below). Overbite, used to it, but maybe correcting it may help with results of the lip surgery/reduce relapse. I was also told V Y lip surgery would be good, but I am not sold on it. I do not want my upper lip enlarged. 1. Would you consider me a candidate for lip repositioning? 2. Do you think upper teeth correction would help keep the upper lip showing less gum? 3. what about relapse?

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Gummy smile

Without surgery, it is difficult to achieve long term result. Surgery could be a small surgery under the upper lip which will lengthen the lip or more extensive maxillary reduction and repositioning surgery depending on the findings on examination. 

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Hypermobile lip surgery - yes or no?

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  Though nothing replaces an in-person examination it appears that your lip and teeth appearance are the result of vertical maxillary excess that should be treated with upper jaw surgery to help reduce the gummy appearance of your smile.  See an oral maxillofacial surgeon in consultation to discuss your surgical treatment options.  Hope this helps.

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