Aside from medications, is it necessary to eliminate caffeine & alcohol within a certain time prior to BBL/ Breast Lift surgery?

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Do you need to stop coffee and alcohol before surgery ?

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Dear patient,
as long as you do not drink a crazy number of cups of coffee which can give you irregular heart beats, 1 or 2 cups a day is fine.
and same for alcohol: 1 glass a day is fine.
I tell my patients no crazy partying the night before surgery so they do not have a hangover, and are dehydrated...same for drugs, by the way ! but we can do drug testing in the hospital pre-op...
we do a lot of BBL, and most patients are reasonable when it comes for cosmetic surgery.
good luck,
Florence Mussat

Foods to avoid for surgery

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There may be some blood thinning capability of alcohol so I have patients restrict their intake before surgery. Coffee is no problem.

Moderation is the key for caffeine and alcohol

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Gentle moderation is a must both before and after breast surgery and any surgery for that matter.    I suggest no caffeine or alcohol the day before surgery and certainly during the period after surgery do not mix alchhol and pain medication.  A little caffeine on the 2nd day and beyond is okay.    My Best,  Dr C

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Caffeine & Alcohol Prior to Surgery

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Other than blood thinners and nicotine, I usually don't require patients to stop the use of caffeine or alcohol with any type of procedure. Caffeine or alcohol in moderation has not had any untoward effects in my patients. Hope that helps. If you're looking for pricing information for a BBL/Breast Lift from a plastic surgeon near you, please click on the Web Reference Link below.

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